HCC Medical Coding Tool – HCC Assistant

HCC Assistant from Inferscience is an EHR-integrated HCC risk adjustment coding tool which parses the patient chart in real time and suggests all HCC diagnoses. It utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze unstructured data as well as utilizing standardized vocabularies to analyze structured data in the patient chart. The complex intelligent rules built into the Assistant allows it to find diagnoses that may have been overlooked and represent opportunities to improve the documentation in real time. Sign up for a demo now!




Advanced Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding Tool – HCC Assistant

Inferscience is proud to announce the release of an innovative new technology for optimal HCC coding at the point of care in real time. The HCC Assistant is designed to optimize accurate and real time documentation of the patient conditions critical to predicting the risk. Providers who are looking at improving their medicare risk adjustment coding need to take a serious look at HCC Assistant. Sign up for a demo now!


Infera – Advanced Clinical Decision Support System

Over the past few years, clinical decision support solutions have shown potential to improve the quality of care in the American healthcare system. But the need to “widen that impact” has driven experts to consider a more all-encompassing way to come up with solutions that enhance consistency of care and can measure enhancements in quality.  Inferscience has introduced Infera, a clinical decision support engine that improves decision making and assists clinicians to work more efficiently.  Whether accessed via an EHR integration or used as a standalone solution, Infera rapidly analyzes structured and unstructured data in the patient chart and returns patient-specific care recommendations in real time. With more than 90 care pathways, Infera makes it simple for practices to meet quality standards and practice evidence-based medicine.

The right CDS tool provides clinicians with relevant information in their workflow at the point of care. An application which has a unique capacity to consider patient context and individual parameters should enhance care quality and patient management, while decrease medical errors and standardize care. The Infera clinical decision support system reads structured and unstructured data patient information from the EHR, analyzes the relevant elements of the patient’s condition against its evidence-based clinical decision support rules, delivering particular care recommendations in real time. Infera is integrated with Allscripts Professional and Touch-works EHRs,  and EHRs from Athenahealth and drchrono.

The Role of Evidence in Evidence-Adaptive CDSSs

Clinical decision support systems are only as good as the quality of the knowledge contained in them.  Therefore, a critical step in creating more efficient CDS systems is to develop high-quality, evidence or guideline-based content that is current,  machine interpretable and easily accessible.


How Infera Works

Once a customer has signed up for Infera, and the application has been activated for them, the user can simply launch it by scrolling to the Launch button in the encounter within the EHR. This would start a single sign-on process where the patient context and data is passed to Infera. Infera then analyzes the clinical document to determine which care pathways are most pertinent to the information contained there and execute those care pathways. The analysis is completed within seconds, and relevant recommendations are displayed to the user. The user also has the option of running individual care pathways of their choosing.

Infera’s care pathway families include the following:





Pulmonary Disorders


Preventative Medicine

Public health

Women’s Health

Behavioral health





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